Ans: Please see the service webpage of this company.

Ans: Basically, translation price depends on lots of factors, we cannot explain to you in details, each translation project should be quoted independently. Please send us your documents, mostly, we will quote you within one hour.

Ans: For general A4 page or abstract of thesis, it will normally take half day to one day. For larger translation project with loose schedule, we suggest to let one single translator to do the translation due to translation terminology consistency concern. However, one translator's work load is limited, and of course it will take more working days.

Ans: Elegant Translation Service has translators in diversified fields, for example, in medicine, pharmaceutics, food and nutrition, environmental protection field, chemical engineering, physics, chemistry, argriculture and electronics, etc. In addition, please check the Past work page of our company to review it.

Ans: First, keep customer's document confidential is our obligation. We will not disclose customer's file to unrelated third party. If customer has such concern, we can sign Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)with customer. All the documents and related things under NDA will be destroyed within three months to six months after finishing the translation operation. (Depending on possible needs for revision after translation).

Ans: Sorry, individual customer has to pay in advance. For corporate customer, payment can be conducted after translation.

Ans: The first step to select a translation company is to get the quote, indeed, this is not difficult for everyone, however, is it just so simple to select a translation company based on price? Of course it is not that simple. You have to take into account the transaltion quality too. Lots of bosses of translation companies in the market do not know English, how could you expect such companies to provide high quality transaltion work? However, the owner of Elegant Translation Service has been a translator for a long time, therefore, we are so confident on our translation quality. Take Chinese/English translation as example, it is not just to find a transaltor with good English command, the translator must have suitable professional background too, otherwise, the terminology of the translation work will be hard to read. Elegant Translation Service is a reliable partner for your opeartion manual or important academic paper.