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Elegant Translation Service is expert in translation fields such as high tech technical document, patent, ISO  document, operation manual, academic thesis or paper, books, website translation, software localization, proofreading service (by native speaker), legal document or contract, humanities, computer or information technology, finance, biomedical, civil engineering/construction engineering, etc.

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Our language translation and interpretation solutions enable customers to reach their target audiences with precision, driving business growth and development.


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Website translation provides you best translation service in the world.

Every day, US corporations and governments of all sizes depend on us to translate their important documents and materials. They continually partner with us because of our reliability, accuracy, professional standards and timeliness. We can take any written material - whether legal, scientific or technical - and translate it into or from over 70 languages.

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Superior quality translation can only be achieved by professional translators with subject-matter expertise – not by outsourcing to low-skilled, foreign freelancers or to companies relying on translation software and technologies which, to this day, are still incapable of delivering correct and precise translation

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At Website translation, our professional linguists are accredited by the world’s leading governing translation organizations. Our career-focused translators operate under tightly structured guidelines that require excruciating attention to the smallest of details. Under these strict guiding principles, every document is analyzed, translated, formatted, proofread and proofread again.

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International and intercultural communication is increasingly important for all corporations. Large multi-national companies need internal and external documents translated for subsidiary offices, and many medium and even small-sized companies have expanded to outside markets and require most of their documentation to be translated. There is also a need to make sense of the foreign communications that is constantly being presented at any level of any given organization.


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Translation is a complex process involving a variety of crucial steps and specific capabilities. In fact, no other translation services company can guarantee the quality and speed provided by our mission-critical translation experts. To learn more about how we can help your document translation needs, take time to review the various sections of this website and, please, give us a call to discuss your particular needs. We’re here to help and to facilitate your foreign language translation needs.

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Not only are our translators skilled in the complexity of various corporate languages and terminology they also have industry-specific knowledge. Moreover, because of their advanced education, they are quick to pick up the subtleties of a client’s business or specific industry.

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We provide high priority translation services for all legal aspects. Whether you need a translation for a critical business contract, complex litigation materials, evidence documents, a financial statement, deposition records, technical patent confirmation, application letter, birth certificate, or any other essential document, we can complete the translation from and into any languages for you quickly and accurately.

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Be sure to select your translation vendor carefully. Only professional translators specializing in legal translation – preferably those with formal judicial and legal education and experience — should translate legal documents and intellectual writings. The mistranslation of a simple passage in a contract, for example, could lead to disastrous consequences, lawsuits, and devastating financial ramifications. When translating a text within the field of law, the translation team should keep the following in mind. The legal system of the source text is structured in a way that suits that culture and this is reflected in the legal language; similarly, the target text is to be read by someone who is familiar with another legal system and its language. Most forms of legal writing, and contracts in particular, seek to establish clearly defined rights and duties for certain individuals and organizations. It is essential to ensure precise correspondence of these rights and duties in the source text and in the translation.


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Apart from terminological or lexical gaps, the translator, or translation team under our processes, may focus on the following aspects. Textual conventions in the source language are often culture-dependent and may not correspond to conventions in the target culture. Linguistic structures that are often found in the source language have no direct equivalent structures in the target language. The translator therefore has to find target language structures with the same functions as those in the source language.

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When you consider hiring a translation services agency, be cautious of those using translators who are not native speakers of the foreign language in question. Poorly translated documents or inaccurate interpretation can significantly alter a document’s meaning, which will injure a company’s international reputation or elicit lawsuits. Your company’s reputation is literally in your foreign language translator’s hands — and an unqualified foreign language translator can bring disastrous results.